Introducing the New Cummins QuietConnect Generator

The Newest Model of Cummins Residential Generator is Quiet, Compact, and Can Save You Money!

If you’re like many Americans, you may find yourself dealing with more frequent severe storms or power outages than you remember during past years. Indeed, NASA has determined that climate change may be making storms stronger and more capable of causing damage to electrical infrastructure, while a group from Berkeley found that power outages are lasting longer and longer these days — increasing at aCummins Logo rate of about 1 percent per year.

Having a reliable home generator to power your home can allow you to weather storms without disrupting your daily routine or costing you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. One of the newest home generators on the market, the Cummins Quiet Connect, is a Cummins Residential Generator that can save you money and increase your comfort during even the strongest storms.

What features does the Cummins Quiet Connect generator offer?

The QuietConnect models make up the smallest of Cummins’ Connect series, with model sizes in 13kw, 17kW, and 20kW. This makes these whole house generators about the same size as an outdoor air conditioning unit, and its compact design allows it to be installed just 1.5 feet away from your home — perfect for homes with small yards, townhouses, or other types of shared-wall housing units.

In addition to its small unobtrusive design, the QuietConnect generator has patented sound-dampening technology, allowing it to operate quietly and without disturbing neighbors or household members. This generator runs on natural gas or propane, making it much more eco-friendly than gasoline-powered generators.

Cummins is known for its ability to build powerful engines, and this standby generator is no exception. Despite its relatively small size and unassuming presence, it contains more than enough power-generating ability to keep your refrigerator, water heater, and other major appliances running without interruption.

How does the QuietConnect generator power your home during electrical outages?

This standby generator is designed to kick on immediately when a power outage is detected, ensuring you won’t need to worry about what will happen if your home loses power while you’re out of town. Once you’ve hooked the Quiet Connect up to a source of propane or natural gas, you’ll only need to wait for the next outage to see its power in action.

Like other home generators, the Cummins QuietConnect generator needs to “exercise” itself occasionally by turning on and briefly running to ensure it remains able to power your home during an emergency. However, unlike many standby generators, the QuietConnect has a flexible exercise mode, allowing you to program it to perform these tasks while you’re away from home or asleep.

By purchasing the QuietConnect, you’ll ensure you never find yourself throwing away spoiled food, dealing with dead cell phones or tablets, or facing mountains of laundry after your area experiences a multi-day power outage.