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    Frequently asked question

    Peace of mind, power for essential electrical systems, safety and security, and the ability to minimize the inconvenience.

    In short. The power fails and the standby unit detects the lose of utility. The unit turns on. Once it maintains a stable voltage. The transfer switch throws an internal mechanism switching form the utility source to the generator source of power. This process takes a mater of seconds in most cases. The generator and switching mechanism can be programed for operating different values.

    The price starts for most homes around 1800 Square feet  at $6400.00

    Most installations, from start to finish take only 1 to 2 days. In some municipalities the process can be about 5 working days. From the time you sign an agreement to the start up and walk through, it could be  1-2 weeks before the storm season, or 2-4 weeks during storm season. Every project is different, and these estimates vary based on many aspects of your specific installation. Installations can sometimes take a little longer in communities that require permits or any city inspection processes.

    We take all major credit cards Visa, MC, Discover. We do offer financing. We can help with financing on larger scale residential and commercial projects too. Also, Texas allows for home equity loans against their mortgage; please contact your lender after we provide you with a proposal.

    A stand-by generator is tied into your electrical system and is consistently monitoring your utility service for power fluctuation or for entire power loss. When this happens the generator turns on automatically and restores power service to the home or business. Where as, a portable you do all the work! You move the generator from wherever it is stored to a safe outside location, you turn the generator on manually, you run all the electrical cords to the items you wish to power up. Portables will not provide enough power to run large appliances like A/C units like a stand-by unit can.

    The short answer here is, no, this is not a good idea. While we realize there are many very smart capable people out there. We highly recommend as well as our competitors do, that you have an electrician trained in generator installation to perform this task. Further, we recommend that you don’t have just any electrician preform your installation. We do this every day. This is all we do. Through many hours of repetition we have perfected the art generator installations. You are right. This is not rocket science. In fact, the science of what we are talking about here has been around for a long time. You would not go to a divorce attorney for a criminal defense we think you should apply the same logic here.  Do you really want your friend, neighbor, or local electrician learning how to install a generator on your house or business?

    At this time, gasoline engines are not the proper solution for emergency backup power when it comes to a home electrical system. They are however adequate for powering smaller items like fans and small window a/c units. Gasoline and diesel units are very pragmatic, in that gas stations run on electricity. In a large rolling black out that cover entire communities, these petro chemical fuels are hard to come by and usually are only available to emergency services, law enforcement, and municipal entities. Natural gas and propane is an abundant resource and is readily available right in your backyard. There has not been a major natural gas supply service disruption in several decades.

    While many people did this during the last couple of storms, many of those people got injured and caused electrical fires!!! This could void insurance policies or reduce the amount of money the insurance carrier would be required to pay for damage due to arson or gross negligence. You would be ill advised that you or anyone alter, change, add or take away from their electrical system. All electrical service should be done by a licensed journeyman or master electrician.

    Although there are portable gasoline systems that can be hooked into your residential system, we advise to never temporally hard wire any portable generators into your breaker panel, under severe risk of injury or total loss of life and property.

    Please call us so that we may design a portable or permanent system that is safe and secure that meets Federal, State, and local safety and electrical code requirements.

    Standby generators routinely have in-service programs to perform self testing. Most major brand generators have a feature called an “exerciser” mode. This means on a pre determined day and time of the week the unit will turn on and run under no load for a set period of time. This feature varies from manufacture to manufacture but they all offer it.

    Yes all our technicians are Cumins Onan and Generac Certified to assist you with all questions on these and many more products.  Our staff handles all turnkey installations and works according to the NEC along with city permit and code regulations.

    Contact our office toll free at 800-327-7591 or 713-352-7895 and speak with a representative. We will meet with you personally and conduct a free consultation to determine which type of generator would be effective for your  home.  Our staff will also provide you a free consultation.

    Our promise to our clients is to provide the highest quality of service with integrity and respect for all our clients.  We are there for you before, during and after the installation process of your new generator. The generator comes with a full factory warranty that can be extended and our installation comes with a one year warranty.

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