The greater Houston area suffered some of the worst extreme weather on record in 2017. Hurricane Harvey made landfall, twice, and winter temperatures have plummeted below freezing. These are just two of the naturally occurring dangers that could put you and your loved ones in a hazardous situation. That’s why it’s important to install a home generator as soon as possible.

It is best to work with an experienced home generator installation company that can provide you with the necessary energy security. The experienced, certified generator technicians at A & A GenPro are Houston residents that take pride in working with fellow community members.

Fully Automated Standby Generators Are Always On

When ferocious, frigid weather or a heatwave strikes, power outages are common in Texas. Furthermore, in all likelihood, this may be the most important time for your home to have power. Losing heat during a temperature drop or air conditioning in 100+ degree temperatures may have serious consequences. Keeping children and our valued elders comfortable can prevent unnecessary illness. Fully automated standby home generators can be configured to kick on almost immediately after the power goes out.

Whole House Generators Keeps Critical Systems Functioning

We rely on electronic devices to maintain food, cook meals and work from home. Without energy, you are likely to not only be inconvenienced but also suffer a financial loss. Electricity also maintains even more critical items. If you have a family member that requires an electronic medical apparatus, a power outage could prove detrimental to their health, perhaps even fatal. Between the potential loss of goods, work hours and health risks, the average Houston homeowner simply can’t afford to go without a standby generator in place.

Residential Generators Provide Home Defense

The national news seems to cover the same thing when there are blackouts or brownouts: crime. Burglaries and looting tend to go hand in hand with dangerous weather patterns. If you choose to evade the weather, your home will have no lights and thieves will assume you are not at home. But, a whole house generator can operate light settings to go on and off and provide the appearance the residence is occupied. Having power also means that your home security system can remain operational. Knowing that you have taken measures to protect your valuables and personal items provides peace of mind.

Contact a Houston Generator Installation Company

If you are considering a residential backup generator in the Houston or Gulf Coast area, although A & A GenPro is a Cummins generator dealer, we also provide installation, generator repairs, and generator maintenance services on other brands such as Generac, Kohler among others. For more information about installation, financing or a cost-effective service plan, contact our Houston office to schedule a free consultation.