All You Need to Know About 25kW Generators

Cummins Quiet Connect - cummins rs20a home standby generator

Power outages can have serious consequences in our homes and commercial settings, especially now that most people work and study from home. They can cost you money as well as valuable time. That is why, in a time of frequent power outages, many people prioritize the purchase of a generator. However, it is critical that when looking for a generator, you find one that can power all of your appliances and equipment efficiently. Generators come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet a variety of requirements. The sizes of generators do not refer to their physical dimensions, but to the amount of electrical power they can produce, which is measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) (1,000W= 1kW). In this article, we’ll concentrate on everything you need to know about 25kW generators.

Choosing the right generator size is critical because a generator with insufficient voltage capacity can cause an overload when powering too many devices, potentially damaging your appliances. Purchasing a higher voltage capacity generator than you require may also result in a loss of money in terms of operation and unit payment.

25kW generators are high-performing generators that can efficiently run a small to medium-sized home or business. At A&A Genpro, we have some of the best 25kW generators. The Cummins RS25-25kW Quiet Connect™ Series, RS25-25kW- NG/LPV-Aluminium Enclosure- 120/240V-1Ph, RS25-25kW-NG/LPV- Aluminum Enclosure- 120/208V-3Ph, RS25-25kW-NG/LPV Aluminium Enclosure- 120/240V-3Ph are a variety of our 25kW generators. Our 25kW generators are designed to operate under extreme weather conditions. The 25kW generators meet the EPA, UL, and IBC Seismic standards and can meet NFPA 110 requirements once installed properly and equipped with the right accessories. The generators are fitted with features that ensure a sterling performance. These features are;

  • Flexible exercise mode

The flexible exercise mode allows all your 25kW generators to exercise at a time and frequency the customer prefers. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the generators’ engine and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, noise, and emissions.

  • Advanced Enclosure Design

The enclosure of our 25kW generators are made incorporating special designs to make them aesthetically appealing and noise-free. It is from aluminum material coated with long-lasting powder coat paint which is resistant to corrosion. Our 25kW generators have set enclosures that have been evaluated in accordance with ASCE7-10. The innovative design has removable service doors and panels that allow easy access and maintenance.

  • Self-diagnostics and easy service

Equipped with Cummins PowerCommand electronic control, our generators perform self-diagnosis to detect any malfunction. This allows easy and quick service or maintenance.

25kW generator price

Different companies offer different prices for their 25kW generators. We believe that investing in a generator is important because it saves you from the woes of power outages. However, you do not have to break your bank account for a generator so we offer efficient generators at great prices. Here are the prices of our 25kW generators.

A&A Genpro generators


  • Cummins RS25-25kW Quiet Connect™ Series


$11,605.00 (GH¢77,173.25)

  • RS25-25kW- NG/LPV-Aluminium Enclosure- 120/240V-1Ph

$11,011.00 (GH¢73,223.15)

  • RS25-25kW-NG/LPV- Aluminum Enclosure- 120/208V-3Ph


$11,011.00 (GH¢73,223.15)

  • RS25-25kW-NG/LPV Aluminium Enclosure- 120/240V-3Ph


$11.011.00 (GH¢73,223.15)

In partnership with Green Sky Financing, we’ve made three options with different prices available to help you finance your preferred generator. Click here to have a look at these options. 

Best 25kW generator for sale

As mentioned earlier, we have a variety of 25kW generators available for purchase. Our generators are of great quality and suitable for residential and commercial spaces. The best 25kW generator for sale is the Cummins RS25-25kW Quiet Connect™ series.

The Cummins RS25-25kW Quiet ConnectTM generator is a dependable and efficient power source for a small to midsize home. In comparison to other gasoline-powered generators, the Cummins RS25-25kW Quiet ConnectTM series runs on natural gas and propane, making it more environmentally friendly.

Aside from its anti-corrosive enclosure, the generator is designed to run quietly so as not to disturb your family or neighbors. The generator generates enough power to keep your television, washing machines, refrigerators, electric stoves, water heater, and all other essential appliances running uninterrupted.

How many amps is a 25kW generator?

Kilowatts and amps (also known as amperes) are measurements of electrical power production. You can find the amperage of a 25kW generator once you know the voltage of your generator which you’ll see in the generator’s manual or specification. 

Finding amps using Watt’s Law

The equation for finding the amperage of a 25kW can be derived from Watt’s Law. According to Watt’s Law, current (amps)=power (watts) ÷voltage(volts). Before you use this formula, you first need to convert kilowatts to watts which is done by multiplying kilowatts by 1000 (kilowatts × 1000= watts). Now you can apply Watt’s Law formula, amps= (kilowatts × 1000)÷ volts. Now you can apply Watt’s Law formula, amps= (kilowatts × 1000)÷ volts. So finding the amps of a 25kW delivering power at 120 volts will be,

Amps= (25 × 1000) ÷ 120

Amps= 25,000 ÷ 120

Amps= 208.33A

Finding amps using power factor

The power factor is the conversion of the percentage of efficiency of a generator to a decimal. The formula for finding amps of a generator using the power factor is,

amps= (kilowatts × 1000) ÷ (Power Factor (PF) × volts)

Finding the amps of a 25kW generator with an efficiency of 80% at 120 volts will be,

Amps= (25kW × 1000) ÷ (80%= 0.8 × 120)

Amps= 25,000 ÷ 96

Amps= 26.04A


How many kW generators do you need to run a house?

Many factors come to play when choosing the size of generator you need to run your house. The most important one is how much electrical power that generator can produce. In Texas, an average house of about 2,500 square footage may need about 25 to 40 kW to power the house. You can use our generator power calculator to help you find the best generator for your home. You can also ask for a quote from our website.

How much per day for a 25kW rental generator?

The average price of a 25kW generator for rental per day is roughly about $250.00 or more. The rental fee includes distribution, accessories, and transfer switches.

How many hp is needed to run a 25kW PTO generator?

Pto generators are also known as power take-off generators operate by connecting to the driveshaft of a tractor engine to produce electricity. So the tractor becomes the engine and the pro generator becomes the alternator. For a 25kW PTO generator to run, it requires 50-horse power(hp).

What can a 25kW generator power?

A 25kW generator can run a small to medium-size house or business. It can power all essential appliances including an air conditioning system, refrigerator, electric water heater, television sets, washing machines, stereos or speakers, irons, and more.

A&A Genpro provides generators that are of good quality and superior performance. We’re into the installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of generators, including 25kW generators. Give us a call today!

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