The Perks of Owning a Home Generator

Home generators, often known as standby generators, are a solution to the ever-annoying power outage. Power outages are a fact of life, and likely always will be. Even as technology advances, all it takes is someone to drive into an electrical pole and your entire neighborhood will be in the dark.

That’s where a home generator comes into play. These types of generators are permanently installed on your property. They are designed to take over should the normal electrical grid fail. Depending on the model of home generator that you purchase, you’ll likely continue to have power for days to come.

There are a number of attractive perks that have drawn homeowners from all walks of life to invest in a home generator. Below are some of the top perks reported by those with home generators.

You’ll Have Power After a Big Storm

Hurricane Sandy, among other storms, have illustrated how home generators can keep people connected and alive in times of crises. Storms are one of the leading causes of power outages. Outages caused by storms are often down for days or weeks at a time.

Having a home generator means that your property will have vital services during winter blizzards or rain storms. Whether you’re facing the heat or cold, having electricity to keep you safe and comfortable can mean the difference between abandoning your property and staying at home.

While those around you may have to leave the area, you can continue living life as usual while your home generator continues to supply power to your home. You’ll still have hot water, full lighting and access to the modern amenities you require.

You Won’t Lose Cold Food Storage

One of the first rules of any power outage is to stop opening the fridge. Despite this rule, it’s still entirely too common for people to leave the fridge open longer than necessary. Even if the you duct tape the fridge and freezer shut during a power outage, eventually the food will go bad if power isn’t restored in a timely manner.

This entire issue is sidestepped for homeowners with home generators. All of their cold food storage services remain intact. You even have full use of their stovetops and the rest of their kitchen. You’ll be able to keep cooking meals as if the power outage wasn’t even occurring. You won’t have to deal with hundreds of dollars of lost food after every power outage.

Most Importantly – You’ll Stay Safe

Electricity keeps your home livable in extreme climates. Without it, you run the risk of having to leave your home. Keeping you and your loved ones safe is easily the biggest perk of owning a home generator. The situations that lead to power outages can also lead to unsafe conditions in your home.

Blizzards, for example, are a common cause of power outages in many areas of the country. The extreme cold that accompanies blizzards can render homes unlivable. While some homes can get by with a wooden furnace for an evening, a blizzard that creates a long term power outage will mean having to leave your home.

Investing in a home generator is something that every homeowner should consider. You’ll reap the rewards of its usage every time the rest of the neighborhood is living in the dark. Additionally, having a generator will undoubtedly improve your property value.

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