We are a local Houston dealer in Cummins commercial generators. We also install, repair, maintain, and provide other services.

Cummins Portables

  • Portable Genset, 2.5KW peak power and 2.2KW running power.
  • Portable Genset, 4.5KW peak power and 3.7KW running power.
  • And More..

Air Cooled Generators

  • RS13A, Power Rating: 13kW
  • RS17A, Power Rating: 17kW
  • and More

Liquid Cooled Generators

  • Liquid-Cooled: RS25, Power Rating: 25kW
  • Liquid-Cooled: RS30, Power Rating: 30kW
  • And More..

Agricultural Standby Generators

  • C60 D6, Power Rating: 60kW
  • C80 D6C, Power Rating: 80kW
  • And More..

Enclosed Diesel Generators

  • Diesel Model: C20D6, Power Rating: 20 kW
  • Diesel Model: C30D6, Power Rating: 30
  • Diesel Model: C50D6, Power Rating: 50 kW
  • Diesel Model: C80D6C, Power Rating: 80 kW
  • And More..

Small Business Generators

  • 15kw Diesel Generator
  • 25kw Diesel Generator
  • And More


  • RA Series 100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • RA Series 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • And More


  • RSS 100, Power Rating:, 100 Ampere
  • RSS200 SE, Power Rating:, 200 Ampere
  • And More