Making Sure Your Generator Can Keep an Internet Connection

How Can You Ensure Continued Wireless Connections During a Power Outage?

Many parts of hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico still struggle to transport food, water, medicine, and other crucial supplies to residents in need. One of the main issues hampering the Puerto Rican recovery isn’t just the destruction of the highways, runways, and other infrastructure needed to get supplies from one point to another, but also the damage to the satellites, cell towers, and other equipment that permits near-instant wireless communication.

Osa device-wireless-routerWhile the U.S. is unlikely to sustain a natural disaster that entirely eliminates the nation’s wireless capabilities, losing home or business internet access during an extended power outage can be more than just inconvenient in today’s highly-connected society. It can be worthwhile to ensure any generator you purchase is powerful enough not only to keep your lights and appliances on, but also to maintain a strong wireless signal. 

When selecting a generator that can maintain an uninterrupted connection to the nearest wireless provider, you want to consider some important factors:

Your Typical Internet Usage

If you tend to make minimal use of the internet, occasionally looking up a recipe or browsing a website, you’re likely to need much less “juice” than someone who utilizes streaming services to watch television or listen to music. Depending upon the frequency and amount of your internet use, you may want to upgrade to a slightly higher capacity generator than the one typically recommended for your home’s size. 

Your Generator’s Fuel Source

Whole-house generators are often tied into a natural gas or propane tank in your backyard, allowing for a seamless transition from power-plant electricity to generator electricity. Depending on the size of your propane tank and the number of other appliances that utilize this source of power (from the HVAC system to water heater), you may not need to make any adjustments to ensure you’ll be able to maintain a wireless signal during an outage.

If, on the other hand, you’re using a gasoline-powered generator, it may be tough for you to maintain internet access if you’re also powering your refrigerator, HVAC system, or other energy-sucking appliances. You may want to consider purchasing an extra portable gasoline generator to be used exclusively for your wireless router if maintaining power is important to you. 

The Frequency of Power Outages

Some parts of the country regularly experience power outages, whether due to fires, thunderstorms, or tropical storms. In other parts of the country, a power outage may only strike once every few years—or even less often. If you’re in an area with frequent power outages, installing a whole-house generator may mean spending much less time hooking up your portable generator to the appliances you’d like to power.  

Although even the strongest wireless signal won’t allow you to access the internet if your service provider’s hub or access point is without power, in most cases, keeping these considerations in mind will ensure you can weather even a lengthy power outage without losing access to the internet or even media streaming services. 

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