When it comes to the best generators for your home, you cannot do without the two big brand names in the industry, The Cummins and Kohler generator products. Generators are helpful tools that supply electricity during a power outage, keeping routine tasks or business operations running smoothly. A house generator will not only give you comfort, safety, and financial savings when there is a power outage. It will keep routine tasks running smoothly like, watching your favorite TV show, brewing your favorite coffee in a coffee maker, drying your clothes with a cloth drier, and using a dishwasher to wash dishes. When there is a power outage, a standby house generator keeps everything running smoothly. Like an air conditioner, it is situated outside your home and automatically turns on.

When it comes to generators, you want the best. The last thing you want is a generator that would keep your home powered once the power goes out. So, which one should you get? We’ve compared two of the most popular standby generators on the market, and we think they’re both great choices if you need an emergency power source for your home or loved ones. Let’s take a look!

This blog post will Compare and contrast two of the best home generators on the market, the Cummins and Kohler Standby Generators.


When the power goes out, standby generators are an excellent alternative for people who wish to be able to power their homes. They can generate enough electricity to operate lights and other appliances.

A portable generator is a standby generator designed to be connected to an electrical outlet, so you may use it whenever you need it. This kind often has its battery pack inside, so it doesn’t require fuel or maintenance like other generators. Various portable generator models are available today; some only function in emergencies. Others have more capabilities than regular versions but still need yearly maintenance checks (which may entail draining out excess oil).

Your demands will determine which portable generator is ideal for you, but here are some things to think about before buying:

How much energy do you require?

The typical range of sizes for portable generators is from 2,000 watts to 13,500 watts. A smaller model should be adequate if all you’re looking for is something to keep your fridge and lights on during a power outage. However, a more significant generator would be needed if you wish to power devices like laptops and televisions in addition to larger appliances like air conditioners or furnaces. This brings us to the two big brand names in the industry, Cummins and Kohler generator products.

Although Cummins generator company and Kohler generator company have been in business since 1985 and are relatively new to the power plant manufacturing industry, they have swiftly become one of the most popular companies for creating home-based power sources.

Kohler and Cummins stand out in the market compared to other power generators. Since they passed thorough testing before being released on the market and through extensive testing scenarios with consumers who have purchased or will purchase them in the future, these two models have shown their viability.

Cold Weather Performance

  • For residents in places that often experience temperatures below freezing, Cummins’ cold weather kits enable operation in even lower temperatures (-40F). All Cummins generators are designed to run in cold weather down to 0 °F (-18 °C).
  • Cold weather kits are also available from Kohler standby generators which improve performance in cold weather conditions, maintain the temperature of the batteries and extend the life of the battery and engine.

It’s crucial to think about the kind of generator that will meet your demands if you reside somewhere where the temperature seldom falls below -18 degrees Celsius. Cummins standby generators are probably the best option if you intend to use your generator as your primary source of electricity in these temperate regions.


Although both generators are quite robust, the Cummins model is more durable. Since Kohler’s warranty is less extensive than Cummins’, you could need to replace your standby generator in five years if necessary.

  • Each Kohler generator has a powerful, weather-resistant engine built for commercial use.
  • Before they get to your house, Kohler generators undergo hundreds of tests during design and manufacture.
  • Your Kohler generator will automatically work out and perform 20 minutes of diagnostic testing each week to ensure it is prepared when needed.
  • A corrosion-proof shell and a premium 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty are included with generator purchases.
  • The Cummins features exercise modes, which may be programmed for your chosen time, date, and frequency and are necessary to conduct diagnostics and maintain the generator. Additionally, a mode enables diagnostics to be performed without starting the generator engine, extending the generator’s life.

Technology Integration

Generators made by Kohler and Cummins integrate technology quite differently. Despite having integrated monitoring systems, the control panels of the two devices differ.

The Integrated Monitoring System (IMS) from Cummins is a programmable monitoring system that may be set up to automatically track a wide range of various items, such as:

  • Battery voltage levels
  • Temperature readings at multiple places (such as inside the home)
  • The flow rate via your air conditioner or water heater (s)

Additionally, Each Cummins generator set has intelligent load management. With the help of this technology, which constantly measures how much power is needed for each appliance, the generator only supplies electricity to those. Due to the technology’s capacity to control equipment on/off depending on home demand and to switch equipment off as needed to prevent overloading and shut down, you may be able to invest in a smaller generator.

Although Kohler’s Integrated Alarm System (IAS) may be set up to monitor various things, you can control your KOHLER home generator with the OnCue Generator Management System. This allows you to get information via SMS or email, see how the electricity operates in real time, and more through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Additionally, the Kohler IAS may be designed to track a variety of items, including:

  • Batteries’ voltage readings,
  • different locales’ temperatures (such as inside the home),
  • Flow rate via your air conditioner or water heater (s).

Both systems will automatically turn off your generator if they detect a malfunction, preventing you from wasting more fuel than is required.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The Cummins generator is simpler to install and maintain than the Kohler standby generator. This is so that when something goes wrong, it can be fixed more quickly as it needs less maintenance and has fewer components.

You must disassemble the entire machine to fix anything within the Kohler generator. This adds to the amount of work you must do. The Cummins need not be dismantled; you can use them immediately by plugging power cables into their ports.

Compared to the Kohler standby generator, the Cummins generator has a smaller footprint, making it simpler to put in confined areas. In addition, it weighs less than the Kohler unit.

Cummins generators have been producing excellent goods. Depending on where they are being utilized, they make generators that can operate on propane or natural gas. Should the necessity arise, these devices can also run-on diesel fuel! Many people like these kinds because they don’t need any maintenance. But it poses some challenges to people using it. They are not very user-friendly in terms of the time managing abilities required from their operator (the person operating this machine), knowledge levels required from their operator, or training requirements necessary before using it safely without causing any harm.

Also, Kohler provides concrete mounting pads to cut down on labor expenses and installation time.

More info on installation can be found in the Cummins generator manual pdf (

Engine Size, Features, and Specification

The most widely used standby generator on the market is a Cummins unit. Several engine sizes and features are available for it, including an electronic control panel that enables you to set time limitations for your appliances.

  • The Cummins generator specifications include a Standby Power Rating of 500 kVA / 400 kW and a Base Fuel Tank Capacity of 834 Litres.
  • The Cummins also has The QuietConnectTM line with sound-insulated enclosures, 65dB or lower noise levels, and is quieter than conventional home standby generators.

Find out more about Cummins generator catalogue at (

Generators developed by Kohlers are renowned for their reliability and durability and are built to endure heavy loads for many years.

Kohler generators with PowerBoost Technology feature, without affecting other appliances, can manage heavy starting loads like central air conditioners.

Every Kohler generator has a commercial-grade engine that is made to sustain heavy loads. While the power is down, we’ll keep your home cozy.

The Kohler generators are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, and most Kohler standby generators come with “corrosion-proof” shells constructed of plastic rather than metal.

Value for Money

Although the Kohler backup generator is less expensive than the Cummins model, it is still more costly than equivalent units from other manufacturers. Along with costing cheaper, it is also more robust and has a longer lifespan in general. It is a good option for people who require their house to be powered entirely during an emergency because it will last five times longer than the typical standby unit.

Although Cummins generators are more expensive than Kohler generators, they also have several benefits over their rivals. For instance:

  • They are simpler to set up.
  • They can produce more capacity and power.

If you want a generator that is recognized for its durability, a quiet generator, and an extended warranty, A Cummins home standby generator might be right for you. Find out more about Cummins generator prices at (


The Kohler and Cummins standby generators are both excellent products. If you’re looking for a reliable, quality, durable, simple-to-set-up generator that will power your home in an emergency, then the Cummins generator is your best option. Find out more at (


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