We employ master electricians capable of repairing any Cummins commercial generator model. We have decades of experience servicing small units, large commercial units, and entire compounds and campuses of industrial grade electric generators for government and school contracts.

Why A&A GenPro?

When you do business with A&A GenPro, you get:

  • A solid guarantee – Not only do we honor all manufacturer warranties, but we guarantee our craftsmanship. Meaning, if you have a problem with our work, we fix it ASAP.
  • Licensed and insured employees – We only use our own insured, trained employees. We also carry Workman’s Comp, doing away with any risk to you, the customer.
  • A high standard of quality – With over 15 years of combined experience, a staff of licensed electricians and technicians, and an inventory full of brand name generators and parts you can trust, we will meet all your power needs. Find out why 96% of our customers are 100% satisfied.
  • Specialized knowledge – We pride ourselves on being an innovative, knowledge-based company. What does that mean for you? We match the right commercial backup generator with your individual needs, ensuring that all your backup power needs are met.

What it comes down to is this: you want a company that will come in and effectively power-proof your place of business. And that’s exactly what you get when you do business with A&A GenPro.

Cummins Quiet Connect™ Series

The Cummins Quiet Connect™ series offers an extensive variety of powerful & very quiet home standby generators. The higher powered units are also used for small businesses.

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Cummins Agriculture Diesel Generators

The Cummins PowerConnect™ series provides a powerful backup home generator solution ranging in sizes from 30kW-60kW, which gives you the same power at a more affordable price.

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Small Business Standby Generators

These Cummins Small Business Standby Generators are packed with state-of-the-art features to ensure you are still in operation at the most important times.

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Liquid Cooled Gas Series

The Cummins Liquid Cooled Generator is a comprehensive back up power in 125 kW, liquid cooled gas generator with proven performance.

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