How Can Cummins Commercial Generator Help Retail Businesses?

Nob Hill Shopping Center, Albuquerque NM
If you feel as though the frequency of severe weather incidents seems to have risen since you entered the retail business, you’re right: scientists have indicated that the number of natural disasters (like fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes) around the world seems to be rising in recent decades.

With the risk of power outages increasing, having a backup emergency generator to keep your business operational during a potentially long-term outage, possibly of several days or more, can be critical. However, the needs of a retail business can be quite different from those of a homeowner, restaurant owner, or manufacturing facility, making it important to carefully evaluate your options. Cummins light commercial generators can fulfill many of a retail business’ specific needs and might be just what business owners have been waiting for.

What Are the Needs of Retail Businesses During a Long-Term Power Outage?

If you’re not sure when power will be returned restored to your business, during your regular hours you’ll want the building to remain as bright and inviting (not to mention functional) as it was prior to the power outage. You’ll also want to ensure that power is maintained to all your most crucial circuits–such as lights, cash registers, and anti-theft detection devices–and that any power outage that happens while you’re away from your business doesn’t impact the effectiveness of your electronic security system.

This combination of needs can often spur retail business owners to invest in pricey commercial generator units that provide more bells and whistles than may be needed, in exchange for the “must haves” on this list. Unfortunately, the cost of fuel required to keep these immense commercial generators running at full steam can add up quickly, and those facing long-term outages may debate whether staying open to the public during this time is even financially worthwhile.

What Makes the Cummins Commercial Generator Different?

The extensive range of Cummins light commercial generators is the answer to retail owners’ needs; its technical design sips energy rather than siphoning it like many heavy-duty commercial industrial units do. Despite its relatively minimal fuel usage, the range of Cummins light commercial generators will provide power to all your designated essential circuits, ensuring you’re able to speedily service customers while continuing to keep the lights on. At any time, you should be able to change the circuits to which your generator is providing power, allowing your energy usage to remain as efficient as possible.

Most of the Cummins light commercial generators include a Mobile Link remote, allowing you to power on your generator or test its status from anywhere you have access to a mobile device and signal. This can be perfect for situations where you’re away from your business but need to ensure your security system is powered on.

When it comes to fulfilling your needs as a retail business owner, an energy-efficient industiral generator that allows you to keep tabs on your power status from just about anywhere in the country (or world) can be the ideal solution.

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