Best Commercial Generators for your Business

If you own a business in Houston, you know how important it is to have a backup generator to power your business when the grids commercial generators  Houston is no stranger to power outages; hurricanes, severe storms, and infrastructure failures occur on a regular basis.  That’s why you need to have an emergency generator in place to power all or essential business operation equipment should your electricity go out. Investing in one of the best commercial generators ensures you keep your business operational, as well as control the climate in your office should the lights go out.  There are many commercial generator brand and model options to consider when shopping for commercial generators in Houston, but at the top of your list should be Cummins generators.

Cummins Standby Generators

Cummins Onan manufactures the best commercial generators in the United States.  You have to rely on your standby generator to protect sensitive data and keep your business operational.  There are cheaper brands out there, but Onan generators offer the best quality at a fair price.  Cummins Onan is a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., the biggest diesel engine manufacturing company for engines ranging from 55 to 7700 horsepower.  Only generator companies that have been certified to sell and repair Cummins products should perform generator installations or generator repairs if you want to keep the warranty valid.

Types of Commercial Backup Generators

If you’re looking for the best commercial generators for your business, there are plenty of models to choose from.  Onan makes diesel, gas, and propane powered generators.  The type of backup generator you’ll need depends largely on how much output you need, the level of noise that is acceptable at your business, and your budget.

Diesel Onan Generators

Diesel generators are the most popular kind of commercial Onan generators because diesel fuel is highly efficient, vibrations are lowest, and noise levels are minimal with diesel generators compared with other types.  Diesel generators are more fuel efficient because only air is compressed in the engine.  Fuel is ignited by the compression, running the engine longer and leaner.  In addition, diesel-powered generators require less maintenance and can run much longer before service is required.  If you are concerned about safety, diesel fuel is much less flammable than gasoline and propane.

Gas Powered Onan Generators

Gas powered generators are also a good choice for businesses looking to secure a reliable back up power source.  While they are not as fuel efficient as their diesel counterparts, they are slightly less expensive.  The reason they are less fuel efficient is that, instead of air and fuel entering the engine separately, they are first mixed together in a carburetor.  This results in lower fuel efficiency.  However, gasoline is currently cheaper than diesel fuel so depending on the prices where you live, this is an important factor to consider.

Propane Powered Onan Generators

Onan also makes propane-powered commercial generators that are suitable for a large range of kilowatt output needs.  As with any type of generator, propane generators have both advantages and disadvantages.  The biggest advantages of using a propane powered generator are the long shelf life of propane, it has no to low emissions, and it can be easily stored for use during a power outage.  However, propane tanks are under high pressure and are highly combustible.  Propane is also more expensive than other fuel sources, and the fuel system is much more complex than other generator types further complicating repair and maintenance costs.

Selection of the Best Commercial Generators – KW Output Needs

Probably the most important factor before you decide on selecting one of the best commercial generators is the kW output you need. Each business type and size has different needs, so take the time to prioritize the electric appliances and supplies that are essential for business operations, ensuring ongoing security, and maintaining safe temperatures for your employees, inventory, and equipment.  The Cummins Onan website has a commercial generator sizing calculator available for free that can be used to benchmark your estimated power needs.  However, make sure you contact a certified Cummins Onan dealer to estimate your business’ precise power needs before purchasing a unit.


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