Avoid Being Left Out in the Cold This New Year’s: Purchase a Reliable Generator!

Champagne towerImagine that it’s New Year’s Eve.  The house is full of guests waiting to watch the ball drop in New York on TV and toast each other for the coming year.  All of the sudden, the wind picks up, the lights flicker, and then the power goes completely out, just in time to ruin everyone’s evening.  Meanwhile, the food in the fridge is spoiling and the temperature in the house is dropping.

Unless, of course, you planned ahead by purchasing a generator, in which case you holiday celebration is back on the table in no time!

Portable generators are good for a temporary fix in some cases, and great for camping, but a stationary generator is ready to keep your home or business going without many of the inherent hassles of a portable.  If your power goes off, you don’t have to do a thing: your standby generator will kick on automatically.  Stationary generators also tend to be more powerful and are a great deal less fuss once they’ve been installed, so long as they are properly maintained.  Moreover, they tend to make far less noise than the roar of a portable generator.

Read on to learn more about the right generator for you and your family.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The Generac Guardian Series 20-kW is one of the most popular standby generators today, and for good reason: its price is reasonable, yet it’s powerful enough to run most homes in case of a blackout, and can even be used to keep a small business going.  With a lag time of only 15 seconds between blackout and the restoration of power, it’s one of the most efficient models on the market.  The Generac Guardian Series 20-kW also has some of the most satisfied customers, with a 4.8/5 in customer satisfaction on Generac’s home page.  Generac also offers a very solid warranty packages, which can give you peace of mind about your purchase.

Quietest Generator

The Cummins Onan RS Series generators come in 20-kW, 30-kW, and 50-kW models, all of which run whisper-quiet.  The 20-kW is best for apartments or small homes, the 30-kW can support a medium-sized house or a small business, and the 50-kW can run very large homes and a bustling business with quiet efficiency.  These standby generators are also encased in very durable, neutral-colored casing that will blend into the background of your home or business. 

Most Fuel-Efficient

The most fuel efficient series of stationary generator is the Generac Quietsource Series.  Not only are these generators as quiet as their name implies, they also consume far less fuel than their equally powerful brethren.  These generators save money on fuel while prolonging the life of your engine.

A backup generator is a necessity in every home, especially in areas where blackouts are more common.  Why wait hours or days for the electric company to find a downed cable, when you can keep your family safe and comfortable by investing in a backup generator today?  Don’t be left out in the cold this winter — purchase a generator before you need one!

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